Many companies are already well positioned digitally with their own websites and online stores. However, this is often not enough to optimize customer contact to the maximum. That’s why more and more companies are using their own app. We outline 11 reasons for a corporate app.

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    Advantages of a company app

    1.    Customer loyalty

    The smartphone is a daily attendant and is increasingly used for shopping. With a mobile corporate app, you can take advantage of this development. Offer potential customers good services and special value via your app and thus increase customer loyalty and commitment.

    For example, you can introduce loyalty programs via your app and provide your customers individual offers, vouchers or discount codes. Up-to-date information on products, promotions or events also strengthen customer loyalty. With a mobile app, you can get closer to the customer by being just one click away at all times.

    2.    Acquisition of new customers

    Most customers use their smartphones to search for interesting products and services. However, simple websites are often not suitable for mobile viewing, long loading times and poor visuals scare off potential buyers. With an app, you can reach new customers quickly and easily.

    3.    Simple usability

    Even though there are now responsive web designs for websites that ensure that content is displayed correctly on all devices, the usability cannot be compared to an app. After all, an app is usually designed exclusively for smartphone use. This way, work processes can be optimized as well as automated and the user experience can be enhanced.

    4.    Time saving

    In addition, automated work processes can provide enormous time savings for the customer. And time, as we all know, is money. Your customers no longer have to follow office hours or opening times and can complete a process with just a few clicks. They can also order a product at any time. This way, both your customers and your company benefit.

    5.    Benefits compared to the competitors

    An app offers the opportunity to stand out against the competition. If your competitors don’t have their own app yet, you should take this chance and stand out by being digitally advanced. With increased reach and visibility, you’ll give yourself a clear advantage.

    And if your competitors already have an app on the market, be sure to follow suit to stay competitive. In this case, take a look at your competitors’ offerings, analyze app reviews in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, and make your app even better than the competition.

    Especially for small businesses, their own branded apps are still rare. Here you can be one step ahead of competitors.

    6.    Collecting feedback and data

    A company app gives you the opportunity to learn more about your customers. For example, the app’s usage data can be used to analyze purchasing behavior and tailor offers, communications, and many other actions specifically to your customers.

    If there is also the option for customers to create an account or a profile, you can collect further helpful data and also reach your customers via stored e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Thus, you can further expand your communication channels. However, don’t forget to get permission for this via a checkbox.

    7.    Easy accessibility

    Almost everyone who owns a smartphone uses it every day and carries it with them most of the time. An app is therefore often the fastest channel through which you can reach your customers. With push messages, for example, you can place product or service offers directly on the mobile display of your (potential) customers and at the same time make yourself heard audibly, with a ringtone and vibration. Emails, on the other hand, are often checked only once a day, and other advertising media such as banners are not even noticed. With your logo as an app icon, you stay in your customers’ minds and don’t have to rely on overbearing and costly advertising.

    8.    Improving image

    With your own company app, you can present yourself in a savvy and progressive way, conveying a professional image of your company and services as well as products. If you want to use a new strategy, the easiest way to spread it is with the help of an app. On the other hand, if you are still looking for a way to improve your image, personal data obtained through your app will help you find the right approach. Regardless of what stage you’re at: An app can permanently change how your consumers see your company.

    9.    Increasing awareness

    In addition, a mobile app for your company can contribute significantly to brand awareness. The basis for this is that you give your company an identity. Logo, design, values and emotions are just some of the components that are important for engaging branding. And where better to showcase these elements than in an app that you can customize like a blank billboard?

    10. Better internal communication

    It’s not just for (potential) customers that a corporate app offers many benefits. Your employees also benefit. General information or important company updates can be sent to specific departments or the entire workforce with just a few clicks. With the help of a chat function, employees can exchange information in the shortest possible time and improve internal communication. Ultimately, this also leads to an increase in efficiency.

    In addition to the benefits for existing employees, a popular app can also attract potential new employees. This way, you increase your chances of attracting talented and motivated new hires.

    11. Increasing sales

    All the effects mentioned above help to increase sales. After all, satisfied and loyal customers buy more, are willing to pay higher prices and will also recommend your products and services to friends and colleagues. All in all, you also benefit financially and can thus quickly compensate for the costs of programming an app.

    Uses of your company app

    A company app offers a wide range of application areas. We summarize the most important usage options for you.

    External usage fields:

    • Appointment request and booking
    • (Table) reservation
    • Vouchers
    • Integrated online store
    • Sharing news and information
    • Making products and prices accessible
    • Contact modules

    Internal usage fields:

    • Internal communication
    • Appointment planner
    • Vacation manager
    • Support of the sales force
    • Warehouse logistics and inventories

    Creating your corporate app

    You can implement a corporate app in a number of ways. For example, you have the option of running different apps separately, such as an employee app, partner app, and customer app. However, you can just as easily offer an app that bundles all content and controls visibility for specific groups of people.

    If you want to have an engaging app developed from scratch that incorporates all the fields mentioned above, you will need to spend a lot of money. This is because the costs for a professional team of developers are expensive.

    Implementing a company app with Open as App

    Open as App offers you the opportunity to save costs on app development. The solution is automatic app creation via a no-code platform. No programming language skills are required for this. All you need is your information in a spreadsheet. Our software recognizes data from spreadsheets and databases and automatically converts it into a smart app. Calculations are translated directly and don’t need to be rebuilt. Dashboards, tables and surveys can also be transferred automatically without additional coding.

    Then, with just a few clicks, you can specify a design that matches your branding, select and insert new elements, and add an image for the app card. You can have the first prototype of your own corporate app within minutes.

    With Open as App, you even have the option to create a first version for free. Try it out today.

    Create your first app now

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