We all have experienced a situation like this. Your boss stops you in the hallway, looking to get the latest reporting from sales (or marketing, production, etc.). You, of course, reply that you have sent him the Excel reporting via mail, as you always do at the end of the month. But of course, with all those emails we get delivered to our inbox on a daily base, the reporting has not been noticed and now you need to quickly show your boss the latest numbers.

This and many other situations can happen if you are working with Excel (or any other structured data). They are not easy to understand, get buried under other information, and are quickly outdated. If you work with Open as App, this could all be things of the past. How? Let’s look at five possible situations and how using apps can simply solve them.

Situations you could encounter when not using apps

1) “I did not receive your email!”

With Open as App, you don’t send out attachments and emails, you share apps with instant notifications on their mobile. Not checking your emails will never be an excuse from now on!

2) “I did not understand your Excel!”

Well, you are right – understanding someone else’s Excel really is a piece of work. Everyone has his own logic behind the built of the file, making it super complex and hard to get your intentions behind the Excel. With Open as App, you sort of get a mobile frontend for your Excel, making it visually appealing and intuitive to use – thus making it easy to understand and grasp, what you were trying to tell with your data!

3) “I did not have the latest version with me!”

That one’s tough. There are probably about 20 different versions of your Excel, circulating around your company. This dramatically increases the possibility that the people you are working with are looking at a file that is not up to date. Open as App makes this process as easy as possible for you. If you change the source file, users will automatically be able to see the current data in the app – showing them just what they have to see: up to date data. Easy, huh?

4) “Excel is not working properly on mobiles!”

Nothing is more frustrating than opening any midsized or bigger Excel on any mobile screen. You either scroll too much or don’t get the corresponding data you are looking for. As Open as App was specifically made to fit your mobile’s display, you won’t have this problem.

5) “The customer had no more time for me to create them an offer!”

Creating an offer at your customers is a bit more time consuming than doing it in the office. Planning to create an offer within the last few minutes of a meeting could lead to you not having enough time to do so. If you build your offer calculator in Excel and use it as a source for Open as App, you can create offers on the go within a few minutes without sacrificing functionality. At the end of the creation process, simply hit the print button and you get your offer as a PDF – as easy as that.

If any of these situations sound familiar (or you just want to prevent them in advance), why don’t you start and build your own app today? Non-Commercial is 100% free and we are offering low starter packages for every use case.

Did you experience something similar to our cases? Let us know in the comments! Happy App Building!

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