About Open as App

Empowering everyone to create apps without the need to code

Open as App was founded with the idea that digitisation of offline workflows and mobile-friendly access to the information locked up in Excel sheets is a key driver of improved business operations.

“With Open as App we enable business professionals to easily unlock the benefits of digitalisation.”

Micheal Stoelwinder, CEO

We enable individuals and companies of all sizes to

Speed-up their workflows
Save budget for development
Protect their know-how
Secure and manage data
Provide a great experience
Enable citizen developers

We help unlock the benefits of digitisation

Our No-Code App Creation Platform helps our customers to create the tools they need to work efficiently and effectively themselves, without the time and money required for traditional IT development. It enables everyone to create apps automatically, share them instantly, and manage them easily. Data sources are structured data as in Excel, Google Sheets, Dynamics CRM, or Salesforce. Leading brands already use Open as App to accelerate digitization and to improve sales, client services, processes, collaboration, and reporting.

Confident for the future

We are continuing to improve our platform and aim for an experience that our app creators and users love to use and which drives business value creation on multiple levels for our customers. By enabling our customers to achieve DIY digitisation and business process improvement our platform will continue to be a faster and more cost effective solution.

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Meet our Management Team

Michael Stoelwinder CEO Open as App
Michael Stoelwinder
Kai Bielenberg COO Open as App
Kai Bielenberg
Max Hoffmann CFO Open as App
Max Hoffmann
Bas Anneveld