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The 4 best construction apps - for mobile, tablet and desktop

When it comes to operating a construction project, organization is key. You need efficient workflows, effective communication, and detailed documentation during every phase of the project. An easy-to-use construction app can help you streamline the process.

Apps simplify the job of a project manager by gathering vital data in a single digital space. Not only do apps neatly and intuitively organize information, but they also present that information to team members across a company. When everyone on the job can quickly share or gather reports, workflows become more efficient and the entire operation runs more smoothly.

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Efficient construction project management

User-friendly construction apps can optimize every facet of a construction project, from the initial sales process down to the final wrap-up. With state-of-the-art technology giving your operation a boost, you’ll save time, produce better work, and ultimately run a more successful business. 


1. Sales Process 

The first part of a construction project is always the sales process. This is where the construction company pitches a project and convinces the client to make an agreement. This step involves a lot of calculating as the company determines the likely cost of a project. Once you’ve got a general idea of the total cost, you need to give a quote to the prospective client. This is where an app can prove handy.  

The Service Quote App makes it quick and easy to quote a price from anywhere in the world. The app can generate the type of professional, classy business proposals that show clients you deserve their trust. Everything related to the quote will stay together in the app, saving you some serious time and hassle. With the app available to the entire sales team, everyone involved will have no trouble staying on the same page and building a positive relationship with the client.  

Once you’ve used the Service Quote App to secure a deal with the client, it’s time to develop a detailed blueprint for the project. As you start to work through the details, you can rely on the power of apps to make the planning process easier.  


2. Planning of a Construction Project 

After the client has accepted the quote, the project manager needs to plan the upcoming project. Drawing up the actual blueprint is just a small part of the planning process. The manager also needs to ensure that all the necessary equipment is on hand and that the construction site will be completely safe. Apps can help optimize both of these steps. 


Equipment Inspection  

You can’t efficiently build a structure without reliable, fully functional equipment. First things first, you need to make sure you have access to all the equipment you’ll need. Then, you need to inspect all your machinery to ensure it’s ready and safe for use. This process involves recording a lot of information, and it will be a lot easier with some technological assistance from the Equipment Inspection App. 

This convenient program allows team members to upload inspection results with a digital signature. The date of the inspection will be saved in the app, allowing you to look back and check the performance history of a piece of machinery. With all this vital information gathered in a single space, you’ll avoid the breakdowns in communication that often lead to equipment failure. 


On-Site Safety 

A manager has a moral and legal obligation to look out for safety on construction sites. Only by conducting regular safety audits can you be sure that the site is truly free of hazards. On a poorly managed site with dangerous conditions, workers are likely to get injured. Not only is this catastrophic on a human scale, but it can also be costly and legally risky for a business. To keep employees safe, you should carefully observe your site and look out for potential dangers. There’s no better way to do this than with the Safety Reporting App. 

Designed especially for construction sites, the Safety Reporting App allows workers to report hazards, concerns, and accidents right from their devices. These incidents will appear on the app in a calendar view, making it easier than ever for a site manager to gauge the general safety of the site. Not only does this type of technology save time and eliminate hassles, but it can also prevent accidents and even save lives. 


3. During construction project 

 Once a project is in full swing, the site manager spends most of their time making sure everything is going according to plan. This part of the job involves a lot of checking in on employees, usually followed by some number-crunching. In the old days, this type of work would have required a lot of walking and talking. Now, armed with a smartphone or tablet, a manager can streamline these organizational tasks and significantly boost the project’s overall efficiency.  


Track Progress 

A complicated construction job will involve dozens if not hundreds of mini-projects, each of which requires plenty of direct attention. One of the hardest parts of managing a large project is keeping tabs on all these different components. You have to know which tasks have been completed and which are still underway. You also have to communicate this information to other team members so that everyone is on the same page.  

The Punch Card List App can serve as a construction logbook, helping the manager track every small component of the larger project. Workers across the site can use the app to post updates on their progress. They can also flag any issues that arise and post images of their work. Not only will this optimize cooperation among team members, but it also instills a sense of accountability. When everybody’s progress is recorded in a shared space, employees feel motivated to be as productive as possible. 

Another benefit of the Punch Card List App is its near-universal accessibility. You can use the app both online and offline, and it’s available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Workers can use the app to make reports while out on the job, and the office staff can bring those reports up on their computers. This is the type of accessibility an app needs to truly revolutionize a workplace.  


On-Site Calculations  

Construction projects are complicated, intricate operations with lots of moving parts. The site manager needs to keep tabs on all sorts of figures, from the inventory of essential supplies to the costs of each phase of the project. Technology can make these calculations easier than ever. 

While we don’t yet offer a construction calculator app, you can use our service to create your own. With our no-code apps tool, you can convert a file from Excel or Google Sheets into your very own app. This new app will be accessible with or without the internet, and you can pull it up on smartphones, tablets, and computers.  

Thanks to this amazing tool, knowledge of coding is no longer necessary to create the app you’ve been dreaming of. With your construction calculator spreadsheet converted into an app, you and your teammates can enter key figures and complete essential calculations from wherever your company operates. With this game-changing technology at your disposal, you’ll become even better at doing what you do: managing construction projects. 


4. Project Wrap-Up  

With construction product management made easy thanks to construction estimating apps, you should have no problem completing your project on time. Once the finishing touches have been put on the structure, it’s time to clean up the site and store the equipment. By looking over the information saved on your construction apps, you should be able to draw conclusions about what worked and what didn’t. This insight will prove invaluable, allowing you to bring even greater optimization and efficiency to the next big project.