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Improve Your Processes with Custom HR Apps

If your business counts on the power of good ideas and hard work, then your employees probably represent your most valuable asset. A business can only be as great as the people who make it function. When employees are happy, confident, and armed with the resources they need, they’re much more likely to produce positive results for your company. 

It’s not enough for your business to simply hope for effective employees. You need to actively create the conditions that will maximize the power of your company’s human capital. The best way to do this is by optimizing your human resources (HR) management.  

Automate HR Processes

The businesses that really invest in their employee’s potential make a point of perfecting the workflow HR process. Taking care of the people at your company requires nuance and attention to detail. Not only do you need to recruit talented individuals and introduce them to your business model, but you also need to integrate distinct personalities within a unified team. This might be a complicated process, but it will pay off in the form of a dynamic, productive workforce. 

The good news for managers is that technology can help optimize the HR process. Open as App provides an easy-to-use tool for turning existing spreadsheets into convenient apps. We’ve also produced pre-made applications that you can download and use immediately. In a process as difficult as management HR, you need the power of apps on your side.  

Key Processes in HR Management 

Your HR management should be based on a comprehensive process that considers every step of an employee’s journey at the company. From talent acquisition to employee compensation, your business can gain a competitive edge by improving its relationship with human resources. The company that recruits the best employees will enjoy the most talented workforce, and the company that treats its workers right will experience enhanced productivity. When you improve your HR process, you put your business in the position to capitalize on its most valuable resource.  

  • Recruiting 
  • Onboarding 
  • Employee Relation Management 
  • Compensation Management 

If you use HR apps to excel in each of these areas, you’ll produce a talented, contented, and productive workforce. As a result, you’re sure to see a marked improvement across your company’s operations.  



When your organization is looking to fill a new position, it’s because some need has developed within the existing structure. Either a former employee has left their post or a new position has been created. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to consider what type of individual you want to fill that gap. While an average worker might get the job done, an exceptional, talented individual could add extra value to your company. That’s why you should make an extraordinary effort to find that special person.  

Recruitment is often a complicated, time-consuming process, but it’s always worth the effort. You’ll need to investigate potential sources of talent, sort through applications, and communicate with various candidates as they move through the hiring process. All of this is much simpler when you’ve got technology at your disposal. By turning your recruitment-related materials into easily-accessible apps, you can improve your recruitment standards without devoting extra time.  



Once you’ve identified the perfect person to fill a position, you need to integrate them into your team and help them navigate your company’s unique norms and methods. This process, called onboarding, is what converts talented individuals into effective employees. If you can efficiently get new arrivals up to speed, your company can grow and evolve without suffering unnecessary disruptions.  

While each new hire has a unique set of needs, you can optimize your onboarding process by creating universal protocols. With the right structured methodology, your employees can pass through a training and integration regimen and become contributing team members in just a few days. By presenting training materials as downloadable apps, you can make this process as easy as possible for the new arrivals. When you get the onboarding process right, you ensure that employees start their time at your company with a positive experience.  


Employee Relation Management 

As important as it is to acquire talented new employees, it’s even more vital to hold on to the valuable workers you already have. The hiring process is expensive, and it’s best to avoid excessive turnover that exacerbates costs and destroys a sense of continuity. If you want your employees to stay at your company, you need to introduce thoughtful initiatives designed to produce a positive workplace culture. This process is called employee relationship management, and it forms the backbone of an effective HR strategy. 

There are several proven techniques you can employ to boost both morale and productivity among your workers. Company events, whether recreational or educational, will help create an integrated team. Employee benefits serve as tangible reminders that you care about your workers’ well-being and appreciate their contributions. Performance reviews help employees become better versions of themselves, something most career-oriented individuals value. Keeping track of all these interrelated programs can be challenging for HR managers, but technology makes it easier. The Talent App, for example, stores all your vital employee information in a single accessible place.  

Compensation Management 

No matter how many special events or professional development opportunities you provide for your employees, their top priority will remain getting paid. To keep your workers happy, you need to pay them on time, and you need those payments to be as organized as possible. You should also develop a reliable bookkeeping system to optimize your company’s internal systems. 

Compensation management is a challenging component of the HR process because it requires direct collaboration with the finance department. Human resource officials need the payment process to deliver for employees, and the finance team needs to understand where the money is going. Whenever this type of intense cooperation is necessary, technology can play a major role. With Open as App, you can turn complicated spreadsheets into simple applications. Then, members of the HR and finance departments can use these apps to share vital information.  

HR Process Automation 

The HR process might be inherently complicated, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In the modern era, there are all sorts of technological tools that can simplify your HR-related workflows. For years, companies have been using digital spreadsheets to organize crucial information. While spreadsheets are certainly valuable, they can be unwieldy and difficult to read. Now that smartphones are practically ubiquitous, you can optimize your internal processes by replacing outdated spreadsheets with apps. 

With Open as App, you can turn those spreadsheets into apps in a single step. Alternatively, you can use our pre-made apps to improve your HR process. The Time Tracking App, for example, allows you to monitor and record the hours for employees across a massive workplace. While organizing this information would be a long, arduous process when using outdated methods, it becomes quick and easy with an HR app.  

Your HR department should be focused on the people at your company, not convoluted internal processes. Every minute an HR expert spends on administrative tasks is a minute they can’t devote to their actual objectives. When you simplify the bureaucratic side of the job with easy-to-use apps, you allow your HR team to focus on improving your workforce. The results will show themselves in the form of improved performance across the company.  

Technology is optimizing workflows across industries, and you can’t afford to fall behind. If you want your company to make the most of its workers, then it’s time to put “automation human resource” at the top of your to-do list.