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A Tailored App to Manage Your Investments

Investment Tracking App

Investing can be referred to various activities, whether it be investing in the stock market, funds, bonds, forex, real estate, start-ups, etc.… More and more people invest their money because they aim to find the next Facebook, to secure funds for retirement, create a growing passive income over the years, or they do not wish to leave their money in their bank account due to the constant depreciation of the value of money. Due to the large variety of investment possibilities, it is important to use an investment tracking app.

Over the years, investing has become more and more popular in our society. Many businesses related to the investing industry have emerged by offering tools and services tailored to the needs of beginners or experts. No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, it is easy to miss the next big offer in the investing industry due to the massive number of guides, tools, etc.… available and being published every day. Moreover, quality content or tools that can help you in your investing career are costly and have some restrictions.

Investment Tracking App for you

Usually, investors tend to diversify their investment into various assets to ensure a minimum loss. The more money an investor invests generally means a more diversified portfolio, and it is not always easy to keep track of all its investments in one place.

Using no-code technology, it is way easier and faster to create your own custom app tailored to your investments, which is why at Open as App, we have already set the basis of your investment tracking app, which you can use and further develop depending on your needs. The investment tracking app allows you to input and categorize your investments one by one and help you visualize your investments in charts.

A few words about data security:

All information you enter is confidential and will not be stored by us. Your entries are only visible to you and are not stored in the app. They only serve for calculation purposes. If you want to keep your calculated result, you can create a PDF in the app’s menu under Print or select “Save data” in the menu, set your settings to private and save.

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