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Create and send individual offers to your customers

Offer Calculator App

There are many reasons why companies offer their customers a discount: To develop better business relations, to give them a volume discount or as an incentive to attract a new customer. Offers are usually created individually for each customer, taking into account the general price list, but also special conditions and discounts.

How to calculate a discount?

To create an offer it is important to know how to calculate a discount. We show you in three simple steps how you can calculate a 10% discount.

  1. Turn the discount percentage to a decimal (10% = 0,1)
  2. Mulitply the decimal by the original price (e.g. 200€ * 0,1 = 20)
  3. Substract the discount from the original price (200€ – 20€ = 180€)

Of course this is a very simple example on how to calculate a discount to create an offer. In practice those calculation can become more complex, because parameter like quantity purchased or highly current price sensibilities may change. Therefore, it is useful to get assistance from customized calculators.

Easy to use discount calculator

With an app that’s even faster and easier. Preferably directly during the conversation with the customer. The offer calculator with print functionality allows you to now immediately print your offer as a PDF and sent it by mail to the customer. Or: You simply share the app directly with your customers. Your app is instantly available for iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the Web. How to turn an Excel spreadsheet calculator into an interactive app can be easily learned in a coffee break.

Overview of the offer calculation app benefits

  • Calculate prices and discounts during the conversation with the customer-
  • Quickly create offers and speed up the sales process
  • Immediately print or mail the offer to the customer.
  • Have more time to focus on the customer.

Offer calculator template

Try our free template and see how useful the offer calculator will be for you and your sales team.

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An offer calculator app will make life easier for your sales team. In addition to this useful app, there are many more useful apps which can contribute to digitizing your sales processes.

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