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Mandatory recording of working hours – how apps can help with the implementation

Following a decision by the Federal Labor Court, employers in Germany are required to systematically record the working hours of their employees. We explain what options there are for recording working hours and how apps can help you.

recording of working hours with apps

How to optimize your manufacturing process plan with apps

For many companies, reliable manufacturing process planning is a major challenge despite extensive digitization. With apps, you can optimize your production planning and achieve more revenue in the long run.

Manufacturing process planning with apps

Project management: Why you can’t go without a checklist

You are a project manager and you have an important project coming up? For a successful implementation you need good planning. Project management checklists help you maintain an overview while planning. The easiest way to do this is to have everything at your fingertips in a smart app.

11 good reasons for your business to have an app

Many companies are already well positioned digitally with their own websites and online stores. However, this is often not enough to optimize customer contact to the maximum. That’s why more and more companies are using their own app. We outline 11 reasons for a corporate app.

11 reasons for a business app

Construction site safety checklist – how an app can improve safety

On the construction site, safety has highest priority. We explain which aspects you need to consider and how you can make it easier to organize construction site safety via app. We also provide you a checklist for this. 

Construction site safety checklist - how an app can improve safety

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Mobile apps constantly support us in our everyday lives with a wide range of functions. The development is expensive. We tell you how expensive it is to develop an app and what cheaper alternatives there are. 

How much does it cost to develop an app?

How to create your digital construction daily log

On the building site, there is no way to avoid completing a construction daily log. We explain what is documented in it, why it is absolutely essential and how you can easily create your own digital construction daily log for your smartphone or tablet with Open as App.

Construction daily log app

Creating CRM systems with Excel

Companies are finding it more and more difficult to run without a CRM. With Microsoft Excel you can create a a low cost customer database. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Excel as a CRM system and present a simple solution by partnering with Open as App.

Creating CRM systems with Excel

How to make money with no-code apps

Coding apps is complicated and requires expertise in specific programming languages. However, with an automatic app builder like Open as App, making an app is easy – and you can even earn money doing it.

make money with no-code apps

The 8 best app makers

You want to create your own app, but you don’t have any programming skills? With an app maker, you can do it anyway. Using these tools, you can easily put together predefined elements to create your app via drag-and-drop. We have found you the best app builders.

the best app maker

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