Every company has a price list and calculates offers. With an app that’s even faster and easier. Preferably directly together with the customer. The offer calculator with print functionality allows you to now immediately print your offer as a PDF and sent it by mail to the customer. Or: You simply share the app directly with your customers. Your app is instantly available for iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the Web. How to turn an Excel spreadsheet calculator into an interactive app can be easily learned in a coffee break.

Turn your Excel file into a calculator with print functionality

Open the App Creator, select the box “Use our sample data” and use the example “License calculator”.

tutorial license calculator

tutorial license calculator with print function

You’ll see a preview of the data. For a better overview, the input fields in this sample file have been highlighted in green and the output fields in blue. The file contains a typical spreadsheet Excel spreadsheet, plus two charts, an extra worksheet that has a printable area, and the input data for drop-down menus which are also on a separate worksheet.

Follow the steps in the App Creator

  • Select the input cells (for interactive data entry) and the output cells (result output).

tutorial license calculator 2

tutorial license calculator print

  • Design your app with a template.

tutorial calculator with print functionality

Add individual changes if you want to.

  • Change the colors of fields if desired. To do this, under “Preview”, move the mouse over the field and select the pencil symbol.

tutorial calculator with print functionality personalisation

  • In the “Editing” “Pages & Elements” section, drag the individual fields one above the other so that they are arranged side by side in your app.

tutorial license calculator with print functionality 2

tutorial license calculator 2

  • Add the print area and charts under “Edit”.

tutorial license calculator edit

Tutorial license calculator with print functionality

  • Publish your app.

publish tutorial license calculator

Now, you can use and share your app.

Go to “Invite People” and put your app in private or public mode. Later you can also adjust this in the “Share Data” section in the App Creator. From now on, you can always share your app directly from your smartphone. Open the app and the right side menu and go to “Share”.

share your app

Share your calculator app

This is how your app looks on your smartphone.

And here’s the app for download. Either scan the QR code or send a link via SMS to the smartphone.

barcode license calculator

app license calculator

What can my app do?

Click here for the function overview of the app! https://www.openasapp.net/portal#!/onboarding/appTutorial/calculation/7119fb6e-e6be-479c-9fdb-a065f2684358

At Open as App we love to read your feedback because it helps us to create an even better product for you, so do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments!

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