HM Carport uses no-code apps based on Excel to generate quotes on-site and to facilitate follow-up by the office staff. The company is the carport division of the traditional family-owned Heinrich Meyer Werke Breloh.

Saving time in sales with apps

Heinrich Meyer-Werke in Breloh is a renowned company for wood working around the home. Its HM Carport division offers delivery and assembly services ranging from classic wooden carports to timber-framed carports and ultra-modern designer carports with solar roofs. In 2021 Heinrich Meyer-Werke was ranked among the top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany.

The innovative family business relies on apps for its field sales. Previously, it took quite some time for HM Carport to go from first contact to quotation generation. Now, employees in the field can use an app to immediately calculate an individual offer on site, print it as a PDF and send it to the potential customer by e-mail. At the same time, the workflow for follow-up contact is triggered – all digitally and completely paperless.

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Digital sales process for carport manufacturer

HM Carport’s apps take into account different area dimensions as well as materials and can also add additional services per carport type to the calculation. As each app is directly connected to the existing Excel spreadsheet, updates are available immediately. All offers, prices and material options are always at the current state. This facilitates the work of the sales department, both in the office and in the field.

David Voigt, procurment at Heinrich Meyer-Werke on Open as App in his business

„With Open as App digitization can be done with little effort.“

„In the past, we had to tediously communicate changes in prices, dimensions or materials by mail or phone and we could never be sure if everyone received it. Today, it’s very easy via app.“

„With our quote calculator, employees can check prices on the spot and generate quotes instantly – without errors or delays.“

HM Carport’s apps calculate costs and space requirements based on selected shape, lenght, width and height

Open as App features in use

Open as App builds your apps based on Excel logic and enhances them with additional features that are easily selected during app creation.

  • Calculation in real-time: powerful calculations with great user-friendliness
  • Field type recognition: Automatic recognition of input and output fields for calculations
  • Data format recognition: Automatic recognition of data formats in calculations, such as currencies or measuring units for calculations
  • PDF print on smartphone: PDF print in company’s brand design based on Excel print area
  • Send e-Mail: An email with the PDF quote can be sent to the customer directly
  • Automatic updates: Changes in the Excel spreadsheet or in the app are recognized
  • Data protection: Use of Excel as protected data source including full user control

Heinrich Meyer Werke Breloh

HM-Werke is an innovative and forward-looking family business with a sense for tradition and responsibility for its many employees.

Through its performance and highest quality standards in all fields, the company realizes its objective of creating a trusting relationship with all its customers and partners. Since 1836. Today. And in the future. More