Apps for medical professionals at the General Hospital Vienna

In the hectic days in intensive care, doctors and nurses rely on interactive apps for fast and easy information – created without coding.


Tiresome access to information

The pharmacy of AKH Vienna regularly publishes the available medications, including recommended dosages. This vital information is used by the doctors and the nursing staff of the neonatal intensive care unit of the AKH Vienna and the MedUni Vienna.

The list is updated regularly, e.g. when drugs are no longer available or have been replaced. Previously, this Excel file could only be viewed on the computers in the wardroom. This was time-consuming and did not fit at all into the strict routine of a station. In the newborn intensive care unit, therefore, innovation is not only crucial for medical care, but also for the flow of information.

“We have been using Open as App for almost a year. The creation and distribution of apps are very easy. The added value is enormous. For our staff, our apps are extremely helpful because they now have easy and quick access to reliable information.”

Dr. med. univ. Michael Schneider, Medical University Vienna


Easily create custom apps for medicals list and dosage calculation by weight

From the existing Excel list, the medical staff created a ready-to-use medical app that runs on all Android or iOS smartphones. The app now lists all available medicines or substitutes.

For comfortable use, it includes a search function. Each entry goes with a detailed dialog which shows all information in detail. If the file is updated or exchanged, the app is also immediately updated. The distribution to the staff – in protected private mode – is as simple as creating the app.

The advantage of the self-created app compared to commercial apps on sale: The university can respond immediately to the results of current studies and provide standardized dosage instructions according to the assessment of their experts.

MedUni Wien

With apps, the assistant doctors and nurses view the medical list and the recommended dosage and they can instantly calculate the dosage.


Great functionality and reliable data for busy staff

The medical app is popular on the neonatal intensive. Around 50 doctors and nursing staff use the app in their everyday hospital life – rather than the stationary computer. They can check doses and interactions, rely on the prescribed values of the hospital management, and quickly back up their decision.

Soon, more functionality and apps are added: for example, an app with dosage calculation for important medications and infusions or an app for calculating the tube size during intubation and the insertion depth into the central accesses.

MedUni Wien

The medical app portfolio for doctors and nurses created without programming.

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Medical University Clinic Vienna / General Hospital Vienna

At the General Hospital of the City of Vienna – Medical University Campus – about 100,000 patients cared for each year. The ambulances and special outpatient departments of the AKH Vienna are also visited approximately 1.1 million times. Together with the doctors of MedUni Vienna, we have around 3,000 nursing staff, more than 1,000 medical, therapeutic and diagnostic health professionals and many other employees of various professions at our disposal for the care of our patients.

The Medical University of Vienna (in short: MedUni Vienna) is one of the most traditional medical training and research centers in Europe. With around 8,000 students, it is today the largest medical training center in the German-speaking world. With its 26 university hospitals, three clinical institutes, 12 centers of medical theory, and numerous highly specialized laboratories, it is also one of the most important biomedical research centers in Europe.