Quotes app based on Excel – embedded in website and available on mobile

With Open as App, RCG Valuation has built a quote calculation app based on Excel. It guides customers through quote parameters, provides life calculation, and a branded PDF quote as a take-away.

Excel-based apps in tax consulting and real estate valuation

RCG Valuation is a tax consulting firm with a clear focus on commercial property. The RCG Valudation team helps professional property owners and investors with vital cost segregation services and other tax-relevant studies. Data and values on property acquisition, state, and investments made are vital and can lead to massive tax savings. Technology plays a major part in RCG’s services. It is used to evaluate and analyze a customer’s property. Innovative use of technology also goes for the sales and the consulting to prospective clients.

With Open as App, the RCG Valuation team provides an embedded quote calculator for interested web visitors. This helps to pre-qualify highly interested potential customers and demonstrates RCG’s high level of competence.

RCG Valuation offers a self service quote app based on an hidden Excel spreadsheet

Scott Roelofs, CEO of RCG Valuation about Open as App in his business

“Open as App is great for everyone who works with spreadsheet calculations.”

“Open as App is part of our customer self-service strategy. Based on a hidden scary spreadsheet, web visitors can calculate their own quote on the spot and save the calculated results as a branded PDF.”

“Complicated spreadsheets are the heartbeat of our services. With Open as App, we can provide intuitive apps that translate our in-depth know-how and data into great customer-friendly functionality.”

More Excel-based apps for real-estate and tax consulting

If you are already working with spreadsheets, you can easily turn them into a professional real-estate app. It’s easily shared with clients, protects your know-how, and can be updated easily.

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Evaluation app of property visits: Improve your customer relations with real-time information on property visits and deals.

Loan calculator app: Calculate scenarios for loan interests or overall monthly costs tailored to the individual customer situation

Customer contacts app: Share customer contacts savely with employees and external real-estate agents

Property portfolio app: Share an app with all available properties on offer – including images, detail description, and filter options.

Valuation and estimates by app: Calculate a value estimate of a property based on various criteria or benchmarks as you would do in a spreadsheet – user-friendly and easy-to-use on mobile.