Based on an Excel spreadsheet, Ringlink Scotland has built a Timesheet App on The app captures and calculates service time for billing and salary payment.

Increase efficiency in billing and payment processes

Ringlink Scotland is the UK’s largest business ring with a membership of over 2900. As a co-operative, the business is owned by its members and revolves around the supply and demand of goods and services between its members. The provision of labor is one of Ringlink’s focus services. The organisation is focused on providing solutions to its members in a variety of ways including Agricultural Contracting, Provision of Labour, Commodity Supply, and Training Services.

With Open as App, labor suppliers capture their timesheets per app. This data is then used for billing and payment processes. It helps Rinkling to keep the cost down, increase efficiency and improve their services to members and laborers alike.

The Ringlink timesheet app helps farm laborers to hand in individual working hours per day

How Ringlink’s timesheet app works

Ringlink’s app is based on an Excel spreadsheet. Laborers can use it in the web or as mobile apps on iOS and Android. They add their credentials and fill in all days of work, their working hours, breaks and overhours. The app calculates all billable hours per day and per week. It also adds bank holiday and overhours bonuses.

The timesheet can be signed, printed as PDF and sent to Ringlink by email. The print PDF is in Ringlink’s orginal print design. The app users can also save their weekly timesheets in the app and recall them later.

In addition the Ringlink app checks if instruction e.g. on health and safety procedures, company policy or risk assessment of the job have been carried out. A video link shows detailed information on how to use Ringlinks timesheet app.

Andrew Tindal, Regional Manager, Ringlink on Open as App in his business

“We can create and update apps at a fracture of the original developing costs.” 

“Ringlink labor suppliers fill in their timesheets by app and PDF. This is the basis for our billing and salary payments. Without IT experts we have a professional process in place.”

“Ringlink Scotland mediates labor supplier and labor users. Using an app, our information flow and productivity have increased a lot.”

Ringlink Scotland

Ringlink (Scotland) Ltd was founded in 1988 as Mearns and Angus Machinery Ring under the chairmanship of the late Douglas Cargill. The initial concept of sharing labour and machinery has been very much eclipsed by an increasingly diverse range of services; the demand for commodities including Fuel, Straw, Animal Feeds, Silage Wrap, Twine and Net has seen dramatic growth over the years. More