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With automated app creation SDK Group digitizes its sales process and increases its conversion quota and the employees’ satisfaction

Challenge – budget-friendly digitization

SDK Group supports its insured in staying healthy or getting well again through their lifetime, for private customers as well as corporate clients. Some 640,000 members rely on the SDK for their health. With a premium income of over 810 million euros, SDK is one of the 15 largest private health insurers in Germany.

Around 800 employees in the office and in the field provide high-performance advice and uncomplicated support for members. Online consulting is becoming increasingly important, but personal consulting is still an important part of member support. Due to increasingly complex regulatory requirements on the one hand and products requiring intensive consultation on the other, it is advisable to support personal consultation using standardized digital processes, not only to increase efficiency but also to create a customer experience in the consultation.

However, developing and operating viable business apps is costly, time-consuming, and puts a strain on the budget. Added to this is the pressure to innovate in the market, which leaves little time for experiments or changes in direction. The existing know-how must, therefore, be used optimally for the digital transformation.

The company has found a solution with the Open as App’s no-code platform and is go- ing its own way in digital transformation with automatic app creation.

“We were looking for a way to successfully transfer our competitive advantages into the age of digitization – while being careful with budget and time. We found it with Open as App.”

Olaf Engemann, Chief Sales Officer, SDK Group

Solution – Sales and customer service with apps based on Microsoft Excel

With Open as App, the SDK Group can transfer its existing know-how and data directly into apps. There are no costly detours, and time- and resource-consuming effort.

The insurance company tests the potential with its long-term care insurance. During the consultation, the app calculates the customer’s care gap within a few seconds. It shows what personal contribution is to be paid in case of care and creates a tailor-made proposal for closing this gap.

“The costs for creation and operation are in no way comparable to individually programmed apps. Every Excel-affine employee can create high-quality apps. That convinced us.”

Olaf Engemann, Chief Sales Officer, SDK Group

The SDK Group tests the benefits of its no-code app: part of the sales force works with the app, while the other part remains with the previous sales procedure with information documents.


The introduction of Open as App was quick and easy: Open as App partner and insurance expert Christoph Lampe from KV-Coach mentioned the possibilities of no-code apps at a meeting. However, a solution was needed within four days of the annual kick-off meeting. KV-Coach delivered a fully functional nursing computer on time, which could be rolled out immediately. Most of the time was taken up with the creation of the Excel sheet.

The SDK then introduced Open as App across the board. This is followed by an app for company health insurance and an action app that SDK’s field service partners can use to carry out stock promotions in a targeted and simple way, closing the case without further processing. Excel serves as the data source.

In the A/B test, sales and reporting on the promotion app are clearly ahead. The completion rate with App was an incredible 30%. The feedback of the App users confirms.this: The partners in the field service are optimally informed, can provide immediate, well-founded information during the conversation, and conclude the contract on site. Real-time reporting is also a great advantage for the office staff.

Result – sensational completion rates of over 30 %

Open as App can be tested and introduced quickly and without risk. Because no programming skills are required, any employee with Excel skills can create and maintain apps – in line with IT requirements. The initial investment is therefore very low, as are the costs for maintenance and operation. Additional skills, for example for maintaining an iOS AppStore account, are not necessary.

In the meantime, Open as App has become an integral part of the SDK Group infrastructure. By far the greatest benefit of the SDK is still experienced in sales promotions. Thanks to the app, sensational completion rates of over 30% can be achieved in campaigns.

This benefits the company, the sales force, and the customer equally. The customers are secured according to the current demand, the sales force saves time and generates more sales, and SDK Group is pleased not only about the increase in sales but also about satisfied customers and employees as well as about another step in the digital transformation.

“The feedback on Open as App is very positive; the apps are actively requested from the central office. Open as App has become an elementary part of our IT infrastructure.”

Olaf Engemann, Chief Sales Officer, SDK Group

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About SDK Group

The SDK Group consists of Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung, Süddeutsche Lebensversicherung, and Süddeutsche Allgemeine Versicherung. As mutual insurance companies, they make SDK a personal insurer that is oriented towards the interests of its members. Founded in 1926, SDK today serves about 640,000 insured persons with nearly 810 million euros in premium income. To this end, the group works with 9,000 brokers and independent agents nationwide. SDK is one of the top 15 largest private health insurance companies in Germany.


Your specialist for private health and nursing care insurance. For the health insurance expert Christoph Lampe, advising health insurance companies and partners is a matter close to his heart. With publications, lectures, seminars, and coaching projects, he helps the industry to provide better advice and conclude contracts faster. As an Open as App Partner, Christoph Lampe can make his expertise directly available in the form of digital apps, for example, his industry-famous Begomat for comparing insurance contracts or individual sales apps in his clients’ branding. More on KV-Coach.de.