In 2016, Open as App lifted off by introducing a few product feature updates to our automatic app creation platform we believe many will benefit from – calculations, list apps, enterprise mobility.

Calculation Apps – Mobilize your Excel data

This is what Open as App is all about. Turning data into user-friendly apps. Most businesses work with Excel spreadsheets to create offerings, calculations, or evaluations. Those files are the backbone of many organizations and are intensively used by teams.

With Open as App, you can mobilize them. Instantly you can turn your Excel solution into a user-friendly app and share them with clients, partners, and co-workers. No problem, if the Excel file is changed. The app will be synchronized and always up to date.

List Apps with contact lists and maps

List apps are very popular. So we have been working on improving the way they can use on smartphones and tablets. Contacts just have to be up to date and always available. Good news for all working with Excel or other spreadsheets as a contact database. Now you can instantly make your contacts available as an App on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

With the App Creator by Open as App you can create a user-friendly app for your contact management. This includes detail-dialogues for each data entry, search, filter, and sort functionality as well as professional design options. Programming skills are not required.

With a few clicks, you can share your App with your co-workers, no matter if they are using iPhones, Android tablets, or Windows 10 PCs.

Your App and your Excel sheet will always be up to date. As soon as data are added or changed, your App group will have an update on their devices.

So, with Open as App you can work with your Excel contact base anywhere. And that will take you only a couple of minutes.

The quick step to complete enterprise mobility

When sharing your data there a lot of issues that can keep you from working productively with your data. One is that spreadsheets are not user-friendly on mobile phones. So we are set to change this.

Most companies have their mobility infrastructure ready and security issues are solved. Now, it’s time for the content beyond Outlook contacts and singular mobile apps.

With Open as App, you can mobilize existing content out of spreadsheets, CSV, and any (legacy) system. You can also integrate it directly into processes.

  • Mobilize and share hundreds of excel sheets in your company instantly
  • Enhance your image with professional interactive business apps
  • Benefit from automated app creation with ample design options
  • Make your apps instantly available (while working with your tried-and-true processes and tools)

With these product feature updates 2016, we are just starting. There is more to come. So, watch this space.

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