Coding apps is complicated and requires expertise in specific programming languages. However, with an automatic app builder like Open as App, making an app is easy – and you can even earn money doing it.

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    Earn money as an app developer

    You can make some good money as an app developer. Having an app programmed is very expensive, even in the first development step. Later, costs for further development and administrative tasks are added. If you know programming languages, you can program apps yourself and then sell them.

    Create flexible apps with Open as App

    But even if you don’t have programming language skills, you can create your own app. The simplest solution is an app maker. These are tools that make certain instructions for programming language accessible via a graphical user interface. An app builder provides ready-made actions that users can easily select and combine through drag-and-drop. It is therefore not necessary to write the code yourself, which is why we also call them no-code apps.

    Open as App offers you the possibility of automatic app creation using such a no-code platform – with minimal effort and low costs. All features of the no-code app can be easily activated without programming and fully customized via a user-friendly toolbox.

    Become a no-code platform expert with our glossary of common terms and acronyms.

    Thus, data from spreadsheets and databases are easily converted into powerful apps. Calculations are transferred directly and do not need to be rebuilt. Dashboards, tables and surveys can also be imported automatically without any additional coding. You can see the first prototype of your own app within minutes.

    Make money with Open as App

    With Open as App, any company can massively advance its digitalization within a few days. But that’s not all: you can even monetize your automatically created app. We already have some partners even selling subscriptions. After paying via your website, you can unlock your app for customers by inviting them to the app.

    Here are two examples of how Open as App partners make money with no-code apps.

    Earn money with an insurance calculator

    Christoph Lampe is a specialist in private health and nursing care insurance. As an Open as App partner, he can provide his expertise directly in the form of digital apps, for example his industry-famous Begomat. This is a consulting tool for insurance agents which compares various insurances. It is created in Open as App based on Excel. The creator’s know-how is protected behind an app when it is shared with third parties. The premium upgrade of the app is available for an annual fee.

    Make money with a renovation calculator

    Another Open as App partner offers a renovation calculator via app this makes it easy to save money when renovating. For an annual fee, the calculator automatically generates a cost estimate, a shopping list adapted to the size of an apartment, and a cost estimate for the renovation team.

    Open as App automatically brings logic, formulas and charts into the app based on a spreadsheet. When users enter values, the result is immediately recalculated. The outcome: an interactive app that can be designed exactly as you like.

    With Open as App, you can publish apps in minutes and share them with the world without having to create a developer account. Then, you can earn money with the tool you create.

    Want to try Open as App for your business? You can create your first app for free with our App Wizard.

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