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Questions & Answers

What are detail dialog columns? i.e difference between list columns and dialog.

The classic list app consists of two areas that you can customize separately. Each box represents a column of your list. All dark grey columns will be part of your app. The detail view appears when you select one of the entries from the list. Here you can put in additional information without overfilling the main view. “Select columns“.

Can I change the name of my app once it is created?

Yes. Open your app in the portal, go to “Info” -> “Name and description” and type in the desired name. Don’t forget to click “save” in the upper right corner.

How do we update a desktop file whose data was changed on the phone app by the user?

When you allow client changes for an app you have created by uploading a file from your computer, you can download the file in the “Update Spreadsheet” section. Below the preview of the sheet, you will find a download button.

In case the changes you have made via phone don’t appear immediately in the file, refresh your browser and try downloading the file again.

There is an article on this in our help center: “Edit lists via the app – mobile data collection

How can I update the data?

If you use Excel in the Dropbox, Google Sheets, or a live database connection, the data is updated automatically. If you are using a desktop file, you can update changes in the app portal under Data-> update the spreadsheet and upload the new version of your file.

Do users receive a push message when data is updated?

Yes, when you open the app, it is shown that a more recent version is available. Click on Install to load this new version. This is currently the case for all data sources hosted on Open as App. Also, there is the command “Check for Updates” on the right side menu of the App client. Shortly, it will also be possible for apps based on third-party systems to inform Open as App via API of changes. Then the app users will also receive a change notification at startup. The command “Check for Updates” also gives you the latest version of third party systems.

Which data sources can be processed?

In addition to Excel from Dropbox or Desktop, we can also use Google Sheets as well as any system with table structure. These include, for example, CRM Dynamics, Navision, just like OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or Web servers. The connection to all these systems is already possible via API. We are currently working on an automatic connection.

Can the themes of the apps be adapted to my corporate design?

Yes. You can customize your logo, image, or colors in any app. With the business enterprise level, brand-specific themes can be saved in the app creation. Also, you can optionally add an own Host-App with your branding to the respective app stores. Billing for this is done on a project basis how

Many users can use my apps?

The number of internal users you can invite to your app depends on the booked package. You start automatically with BusinessFree. You can create an unlimited number of apps and share it with 5 people. Business Pro extends the user group to 25, Business Enterprise to 1,000 users. The subscriptions can be bundled to achieve the desired number of users. Example: You can book 4 times Business Pro for 100 users. Business Pro and Business Enterprise also offer you additional features.

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