The no-code platform for calculation and dashboard apps creates new opportunities for Microsoft partners and complements Microsoft Power Platform. 

MUNICH – September 22nd, 2020 – By using Open as App, an IP co-sell prioritized solution, partners who sell Microsoft Power Apps can now tap into new user segments via Microsoft 365.  

Open as App helps IT service companies satisfy the ever-increasing demand for no-code solutions in the Microsoft environment. The Azure-based no-code platform complements Power Apps with calculations, dashboards, and list apps based on Excel and SQL Server.  

Rising market demand for no-code as companies mature in digitization 

Low-code and no-code approaches are essential to staying competitive. While low-code helps IT experts work more efficiently, no-code enables nontechnical employees to complete projects like app creation in a professional way.  

By leveraging Open as App and Power Platform, Microsoft partners can meet the huge market demand for mobile app solutions and easy-to-use platforms to ease burdens on IT teams and increase output at the same time.  

No-code and low-code are major growth areas, with forecasts of 40 percent growth (Forrester). Gartner estimates that in 2024, the majority of corporations will work with at least four no-code and low-code platforms to satisfy their growing digitization needs. This goes along with the Microsoft estimate of 500 Mio apps created by 2025.  

Automating app creation for nontechnical workers 

Like Power Apps, Open as App is set up instantly in Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint scenarios, and it’s easy for non-technical employees to learn. Every authorized Excel or SQL Server user can create apps that can include calculations, dashboards, and lists, while IT maintains complete control of the publishing process and security settings. To create an app, input data needs to be linked to, but not saved, on The data is automatically analyzed and turned into an app that can be edited and customized as needed. Apps can run natively or on the web in the Open as App container app on smartphones and tablets and in Microsoft Teams.  

“With Open as App, we can deliver no-code solutions along the Microsoft technology landscape and offer no-code solutions for technical and nontechnical employees alike,” said Volker Bloch, CEO of German Microsoft partner Neusta. “Our clients appreciate the increase in resources, the fast enhancement of existing data in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL, and the relief of scarce IT resources.”  

Featuring enterprise-grade security for standard mobile and web app platform 

Companies of all sizes, among them Armstrong International, Boston Scientific, Siemens Financial Services, MAN, and PwC, already use no-code apps with Open as App to empower their teams and share information in a user-friendly way. 

Their use-cases include sales offer apps; calculation apps (for leasing and other uses); machines; services; rate and ROI calculators; product catalogs; and dashboards, including simulations/logic and simple list apps, for pricing, general information, and other uses. 

Microsoft partners, ideally with experience in Power Platform, are welcome to join the Open as App partner program. For more information, go to  

About Open as App  

Open as App is the first no-code platform for automated app creation. Founded in 2016, the German startup enables companies to automatically create business apps, productively use their business data everywhere, and significantly accelerate their digitalization. Open as App automatically transfers database and Excel content, such as diagrams and formulas, into user-friendly apps with comprehensive business functions. These apps are immediately available on all major platforms, natively in both iOS and Android, as bot and chat clients, and on the web. Control over the data and users remains with the customer. Learn more at  

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