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No matter how big your spreadsheets or database are, we have the pricing plan for you to transform them into apps. Start small with Free, then move on to Business when you want more apps, storage or users, or contact us if you need a tailormade solution.
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Create 1 App - share with 1 User


Create 10 Apps - share with 5 Users
130 USD* *billed in EUR /month billed monthly
additional users 11 USD /user/month
106 USD* *billed in EUR /month billed annually
additional users 11 USD /user/month


This package is
completely custom
and suited to your company’s needs.

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Number of prototypes
Number of apps
contact us!
Number of additional users included
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Additional users
Cost per additional User
11 USD / month
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Max data size per app
200 KB
1 MB
10 MB - contact us for more!
"Powered by Open as App" label


Create your own app in a couple of minutes
Use graphs, calculations and list functionalities
Visualize your data in maps
Apps based on spreadsheet logic
Create PDF documents in your app
Send PDF per mail


Optimized data collection workflows
Save/Load calculation values
Photo uploads
Embed apps into websites
Signature element
Advanced security settings
Connect webservices for data & calculation

Data Drivers

Excel files / CSV
Google Sheets
Databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres)
Integration upon request


Basic user roles
Advanced user roles
SAML- or OpenID Connect Single Sign-on (SSO)
Central approval process for app publishing
Mobile Device Management (MDM) support
Support of individual "Terms of Use" per app


Community support
Email support
Personal Customer Success Manager

Frequently asked questions about our pricing and plans

# What happens if I hit my usage limits?

The apps that are using functionality from other plans are still working but are marked with the evaluation flag. That means you can easily test all our functionality even when you have not bought a license for this plan.

# What is a user?

A user is a person who has access to your app. Public apps are used for free. Users of private apps, however, need to be part of your Open as App plan (Free, Starter, Growth, or Enterprise).

# What is a public app?

Public Apps are to be shared with the world. You can share the link with anyone without them needing to register on Open as App. And they can spread the app around as well. You cannot revoke access for specific people (this is a feature for private apps). All packages feature an unlimited number of public apps.

# What is a private app?

Private apps are invitation only. You have full control of who has access. Invited app users need to log in or register on Open as App (no worries, at no extra cost for them) to access your app and they cannot share it.

# Do you offer a user flat rate?

Yes, we do offer flat rates for high user numbers. Please contact us, if you are interested.

# How can I find out about terms and conditions?

To learn more about Open as App’s Terms and Conditions please go to Terms and Conditions.