Digital innovations are bringing revolutionary changes to industries of all types and sizes. Gone are the days when novel technology could be of use only for large corporations or technology-based businesses. With the help of new digital solutions, you can improve your real estate agent performance and reap tangible benefits for your consultancy or small business. 

One of the greatest ways in which you can get started with digital transformation is with the help of automatic app creation. No-code platforms such as Open as App empower you to build the work tools that you need for success. They allow you to seamlessly create apps from your business data – be it lists or formulas – that are easy to use, intuitive, and effective. 

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  1. The benefits of automatic app creation for real estate businesses
  2. The top uses for no-code apps to improve real estate agents performance 
  3. Creating your first no-code app
  4. Get started with automatic app creation and boost your real estate agent performance

No-code apps are based on your existing spreadsheets or databases. You can input information in the no-code platform, and automatically get digital tools that save time and effort for most of your internal processes. 

Real estate agent performance

The apps provide speed and flexibility for your real estate or property management business at the fraction of the cost of traditional digital solutions. They make the work of your real estate agents faster and more accurate. At the same time, no-code apps can also be key to improving customer experience and nurturing long-lasting relations with your clients. 

Whether you’re working as a solo consultant or are running a small company, no-code apps can be a game-changer in how you operate and what your results are. Read on for the top benefits of no-code apps for the real estate field, as well as their best practical uses for your business. 

The benefits of automatic app creation for real estate businesses

In an industry, as grounded in the material world as the real estate one, digital innovations can be of great use as well. In fact, new technology such as no-code apps can have a revolutionary effect on how real estate professionals and property managers are conducting their day-to-day work. 

One of the greatest benefits of the tools that you can build with automatic app creation is that they make your internal processes more efficient. You can handle everyday tasks faster and in some cases, even automatically. This makes your real estate consulting or property management activities more productive and accurate. 

The no-code apps also offer a high level of flexibility for your business. You can use them on desktop or mobile devices, so they are with you wherever you go – at your real estate office or a customer’s location. 

Tailored digital tools also help you improve your customer service and relations. With their help, you can answer clients’ questions on the spot. Your overall responsiveness to customer queries and the interactions with leads become easier and smoother.  

No-code apps also are of great support to your staff. Your agents can always rely on up-to-date information that is easy to operate with and to modify on the go. The apps save time for your employees, while also making their work more effective. They also improve your staff’s satisfaction with the work processes. This helps to boost your real estate agents’ performance. 

For solo consultants and small businesses, apps provide crucial technical support. If you can’t rely on a big team with a diverse skill set, it can be difficult to get ahead with digitalization. With no-code apps, however, you get digital innovation at your fingertips without hiring expert tech staff and investing heavily in expensive solutions. 

Overall, these benefits contribute to gaining a competitive edge over the rest of real estate and property management businesses in your area. By creating your own apps, you will be able to deliver faster and better in all the various aspects of the job. And so you can boost your real estate agent performance.

In addition, using automatic app creation to build custom work tools allows you to protect your sensitive business data. Instead of sharing your spreadsheets that contain sensitive information, you can only share an app that does not reveal your source data. You can also use different sharing options, depending on the level of protection that you need. 

The top uses for no-code apps to improve real estate agents performance 

With Open as App, you can create different types of apps from your business data. The most commonly used ones are calculation, list, and dashboard apps. You can use either of these formats, depending on the exact purpose of the app that you have in mind. 

There are diverse uses of no-code apps to improve your agents performance and manage client-facing processes more efficiently. In fact, you can handle the different steps in the real estate process with a customer by employing a separate app. 

For example, you can manage your customer contacts, arrange and update your property portfolio, and calculate the loans for customers. You can also get evaluations for property visits, organize the management of facilities, and prepare quotes for customers. You are able to better handle internal processes as well, such as the reporting of your real estate agents and your employees’ time tracking. 

Below you can find some of the most popular use cases for no-code apps to improve real estate agent performance. 

Customer contacts app 

You can create a list app to manage your customer contacts. For example, instead of opening the endless spreadsheets the next time you need to find a telephone number, you can just click on the app’s button and search for a name. This provides you with fast and easy access to information, leading to better efficiency in your day-to-day operations. 

You just have to link the source file to the Open as App platform. Then you can transform the spreadsheet into an easy-to-use app. This increases real estate agent performance in saving time.

The contact list can be displayed in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. It can be per property that you offer or manage. You can also make it indexed per real estate agent who is in charge of the case. 

real estate no-code app
Real estate no-code apps help to boost performance

Property portfolio app 

Another useful app that you can build without coding is for organizing your property portfolio. You’re probably storing the information for each entry in a complex database. Instead of using the data from there, you can safely connect it to the Open as App platform to create a list app with all the properties you are currently working with. You can alternatively also create an individual app per each client that you are working with. 

You can have a separate entry in the app for each property that you offer or manage. Then, when you are on a site visit with a client, you can easily provide the answers to any questions they may have. Each entry can include extra details such as a map, as well as information on costs, facilities, heating, power, and more. By having immediate access to all this data, you can increase your productivity and improve your customer relations. And again improve your real estate agent performance plus providing great customer experience.

mesure real estate agent performance with an app
Contact apps or property portfolio apps based on existing data are easily built

Build your real estate app now!

Loan calculator app

A great tool for real estate agents that you can easily set up is the loan calculator app. It can be of great use in consulting your clients on the amount and conditions for loans, including any renovations that they may need. Rather than calculating loan rates manually or with Excel formulas when a customer requests it, you can quickly input the data in the app instead. You’ll get the correct results within a click. This is a huge gain in real estate agent performance.

The automatic app creation process extracts your formulas from the source file, which can be an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet or a database. Then the newly built app offers you an easy way to input amounts and get calculations instantly. You can also include additional information in the menus, such as loan conditions and financing. 

Loan Calculator App 1
Interactive calculations with individual input of customers on smartphones

Agent reporting app

If you’re running a real estate business and have different agents working for you, it may be difficult to keep an overview of each person’s work. You have to monitor their working hours, as well as the clients they are working with. An easy solution is to create a dashboard app to keep track of your agents’ reporting. 

Your app can include details such as deals closed, properties in progress, and much more. Each agent can input the data themselves, while you get the information for all employees in one place. This saves time and provides great insight when thinking about new strategies to boost real estate agent performance.

Real estate agent reporting app
Automated analysis in a no-code app based on your real-estate data and instantly available

Evaluation app of property visits 

Another great tool that you can build for your real estate or property management business is an evaluation app. With its help, you can make evaluations of property visits, client relations, facilities, and deals, among others. This can be useful for improving your customer service, as well as for maintaining a high level of professionalism across your business. 

The app can stay connected with the source spreadsheet, so your data is always up-to-date in real-time. You will know instantly where you need to take action or if you are on target. This way you get insights in rea-time and find new strategies to increase performance of your real estate agents.

Facility management app 

Property managers can benefit from no-code by creating a facility management app. For example, let’s say you need to monitor the cleaning activities for each property that you are in charge of. Instead of conducting checks and keeping track of Excel files, you can use an app to store all the data about the cleaning. You can review reports and feedback straight in the app. 

Another possible use is to set up a how-to app for facility managers, where they can store all relevant information about a certain property. The app can also be a mixture of the list and dashboard formats to provide you with the full feature set that you need. This will help to avoid misunderstands and increases performance in real estate management.

Quotes and offers app for facility services

You can handle the process of preparing quotes and offers for customers by setting up a no-code app. If you are a property manager, this can be useful for cleaning and gardening services, for example. It is in essence a calculation app that is connected with your business formulas in your spreadsheets or database. 

The app uses the formulas to calculate quotes on the basis of the numbers that you provide it with. This makes it much easier and faster to deliver offers to your leads and clients. When a customer requests a quote for your maintenance services, you can employ the app to quickly provide them with it. In some cases, you may even prefer to make the app available to your customers directly. 

Time tracking app

Creating a time tracking app for yourself and your team is a great move towards productivity and accountability. Each employee can enter the hours they have worked for a specific client from their phones even when on the go. This is much more convenient than filling in endless timesheets at the end of the month. The time saved on documentation can go straight into customer experience and so you boost your real estate agent performance.

With the app, you can monitor the time used for each task, as well as keep an eye on billable services that are conducted on-site at the different properties. You can also divide your activities into different categories for better organization and time management. 

Creating your first no-code app

There are many ways to increase real estate agent performance. Whether you want to create a list app for your customer contacts, a calculation app for sales quotes, or a dashboard app for employee reporting, the automatic app creation process is the same. It is simple and, in most cases, does not require any input from technical experts. 

Before you start the app building, it’s a good idea to plan and envision the app that you need. It’s worth spending some time to define the purpose of the digital tool and what role it would have in your work processes. The more rooted the app is in the actual needs of your business, the higher its positive impact would be. You can also think about its structure and design, which may also entail penciling a prototype. 

Another crucial step to take before you engage with the Open as App platform is to prepare your data. You should take care that your Excel or Google Sheets files are properly formatted. This is important for automatic app creation. Thus, your files should be ‘legible’ so that the data can be used for setting up a working app. You can use some popular Excel and Google Sheets tools to help you get your files in good order. 

Then comes the actual app creation. You first need to connect your source files to the Open as App platform. You can either upload or link an Excel or Google Sheets file, or your database. 

The platform then processes the data that you’ve input in no time. It offers you the most appropriate format options for the app. Depending on the data that you enter, it can be a list, calculator or dashboard, or a mixture of these. 

After you select the format that you prefer, you can choose the different elements that will be present in your app. You can add and remove segments, such as charts, lists, maps, drop-down menus, action buttons, and more. 

real estate app picture

You can then select a design template and tweak the overall appearance of the app. You can change the color scheme and add visuals. A good rule of thumb is to keep the design simple so that users focus on the app’s functionalities rather than its flashy looks. The Preview functionality allows you to review the app before you publish it. 

When you’re satisfied with the content and design, you can publish the app in private mode. This means that you can play around with it as much as you need, without anyone else having access to it. You can also share it with a group of people for testing as well. 

Once the app is finalized, you can also publish it publicly or privately, depending on the app’s goal. You can share it via a link, a QR code, or on social media. 

Get started with automatic app creation and boost your real estate agent performance

With automatic app creation, you can innovate the way you run your real estate or property management business. It allows you to build the digital tools that you need, which can perfectly match your work. No-code apps provide you with flexibility and efficiency that have a positive effect on your performance in both internal operations and customer relations. 
Ready to try out the no-code platform Open as App? You can build fully-functional tools for your real estate business with our app creation wizard.

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