Browse our resources and learn about the events we take part in, the webinars we run, how other companies use Open as App, or simply watch a video on how to create an app.



If you want to meet us in person, here you will find a list of all the events we are planning to go to or exhibit at. There is also a look back with past events, at which we have enjoyed taking part. Whether it is a startup meetup, and industry conference or simply a happy hour where people share ideas on no-code apps, this is where we will be happy to talk to you.

Share your app webinar


Enroll in a live demo or a webinar, watch past ones, and learn how to use Open as App. Our demos are focusing not only on how to create an app without knowing how to code but also on particular features, use cases and technical approaches when integrating our platform.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Your one-stop Open as App place for how-to videos. Along with those, there are other moving pictures, we thought you might enjoy as well. Watch this space for more in the near future.


Case Studies & Whitepapers

Learn how others use the Open as App platform and how they solve everyday business problems. Chances are that you might get inspired while reading them. Additionally, this is also where you will find detailed technical documents on implementing our no-code platform into your technical systems.

360 live demo webinar


Visit our dedicated support portal where you will find a trove of information and step by step guides on topics like starting your no-code journey, creating an app with Open as App, how to customize the design, security and access rights to your app and naturally, ask questions.