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11 smart sales apps to optimize your sales processes

No matter how much you believe in your product, sales is still a challenging process. You need to present your brand in a way that captures the imagination and makes people see that you can solve their problems.

Part of what makes this all so challenging is the number of moving parts. Throughout the sales process, you need to keep track of potential leads, make a data-driven pitch, and invoice clients in a way that’s convenient for both parties. This is a lot to handle. Luckily, smart mobile apps can help.

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Sales Apps

With Open as App, you can create custom apps that optimize the sales process. There’s no coding required, and your company’s specific processes will pass seamlessly from spreadsheets onto the apps. You can check out Open as App´s premade apps to see what the software is capable of, then create your own applications that correspond directly to your business.


Improve all steps of the sales process

Open as App can serve as a one-stop resource for sales process optimization. You can use the wide variety of sales tools to streamline your company’s operations and grow your brand. The custom or premade apps will help you through every step of the process.

Steps of the sales process:

  • Lead Capture
  • Sales Pitch
  • Service Quotation
  • Invoice

With the sales process tools available from Open as App, you can optimize your entire operation and improve results across the board. These are the types of technological improvements that have a lasting impact on your company.


Lead Capture

The first step in the sales process is to find potential customers and bring them into the fold. This is where the marketing team steps aside and the sales team takes over. At this stage, the main objective is to introduce your brand to potential clients and show them how your company can solve their problems.

Effectively capturing leads requires coordination between team members. The marketing team might have information on prospects that the sales team would be interested in knowing. The sales team also needs access to product data in order to share accurate information with leads. Getting everyone on the same page is a tricky endeavor, but it becomes a lot easier with the right apps.

Open as App designed its Lead Capture App to serve sales team members wherever they’re operating, whether they’re at a trade show or some other industry event. The app allows you to access information on leads from anywhere and share it through PDF files. You can also use Open as App to build a similar application that suits the exact needs of your company. By creating an information-sharing system that opens as an app, you’ll make it easier than ever to capture valuable leads.


Sales Pitch

Once you’ve connected with a potential client and introduced them to your brand, it’s time to make your pitch. This is where you explain exactly how your company’s products and services can help a person solve their problems. You’ll want to share your product catalog and explain how each offering differs from the others. You’ll also need to talk about prices so that potential clients understand the general cost of doing business with you.

To make a successful sales pitch, you need to share specific information with a lead. General descriptions and vague promises will never be enough to close a deal. You need to show people exactly what you’re offering and how much it costs. This transference of information is much easier if your sales team is equipped with the right applications.

Open as App has created apps for assisting with a sales pitch. The Printer Dealers App serves as a remote catalog, allowing sales team members to quickly and efficiently demonstrate the products on offer. While the pre-made app was designed for printers, you can make a similar application using your company’s products.

Our Product Calculator App is a mobile sales app designed to efficiently demonstrate your prices to potential clients. Pricing can get complicated, especially when there are multiple deals and offers involved. The Product Calculator App or a similar app you make yourself will complete all these calculations for you. That way, your sales team can focus on interacting with leads, not crunching numbers.


Crating Service Quotations

After interesting a lead in your brand and showing them your products, it’s time to quote them a total. This is where you’ll nail down exactly how much the client will have to pay for whatever it is they’re interested in. Calculating such a total can be difficult ahead of time, especially for complicated projects or services, yet accuracy is key. A mistake at this stage can frustrate clients and damage your brand’s reputation.

The key to accurately and efficiently quoting a price is for the sales team to have all the information they need on hand. If you can access all the predetermined costs and material expenses associated with a project or service, then it should be possible to calculate a final price. Gathering all this information and coming up with a total in real-time can be difficult without technological assistance. This is another area where apps can make a huge difference.

With a Service Quotation App that’s specially designed for determining prices and communicating with clients, it is much faster and easier to create a quotation. The app streamlines the proposal process and keeps all the data related to a project in a single place. You can also create your own app with Open as App to serve a similar function, adding the details that are specific to your business or industry.


Creating invoices

The last step in the sales process is to bill the client for the products or services they’ve purchased. This is usually done with an invoice, or a document detailing the service and asking for payment. A professional invoice is a sign of a serious company, and you’ll impress clients if you send your invoices in a convenient, timely manner.

It’s easier for everyone, from team members to the clients if invoicing is neat and methodical. You don’t want to overcharge your customers or lose their payment information. A modern system is the best way to keep everything organized, and apps from Open as App provide just the type of system you need.

The Quick Sales Invoice App makes it easy to gather all the costs associated with a project and present the results to your clients. The invoices are quick and easy to make, and you can send them immediately in PDF form. If your company sends goods to buyers, you can use the Quick Shipping Invoice App to log and verify shipments. You can also build your own apps on OPEN AS APP to meet all your invoicing needs. With such simple, effortless technology on your side, you can make invoicing a seamless process. Your clients will appreciate the convenience as much as your sales team.


Sales process optimizations

Smart apps from Open as App can help your team through every step of the sales process. Capturing leads will be easier than ever with an app to help gather data. Apps will also allow you to showcase your product catalog without a second thought, freeing you to focus on the interpersonal side of your job. Quoting a price is quick and easy when you’ve got all the relevant information gathered on an app, and invoicing is a breeze with app-based assistance.

While using these mobile tools to streamline your sales, you can run Open as App’s Time Tracking App to measure how long you spend with each client. This information will make it easier to tweak your methods and further optimize the sales process. With all this technology working in your favor, you’ll be able to better allocate your resources and grow your business.